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I would say just a quick post but it’s not exactly a quick one 😝 very very long one 🤪

We would like to say thank you to everyone who has supported us in all our events and fundraising so far! I know there has been a lot going on and probably a lot to keep up with. There is a summary of what is going on the next couple of months in the comments and that’s us pretty much out of time so we need to make them count! We have had such a small window to raise as much as possible for mums fund so thank you for being there with us!

More on raising funds….as I’m sure the question of why we are doing this has crossed many minds:

Mum had a spinal stroke on 4th of December - less than 2% of strokes are in the spine instead of the brain, I had never even heard of a spinal stroke before! Mum was paralysed below her neck but thankfully has regained strength and movement after an intense rehab programme in the hospital spinal unit, where she is still staying now. She is able to sit in her wheelchair, move a little and feed herself now. Her personality is as big as ever so she is still mum who can talk the hind legs off a donkey! As her rehabilitation is pretty much at a point where they’ve done all they can for her, she now has a date to leave hospital in July but at the present moment in time there is no where for her to go as our family home is unsuitable and it is currently in the process of going on the market. So the race to get Agnes home is literally on ha!

We were really encouraged by a lot of our friends and family to reach out for financial help from you all, as everyone really wanted to help but didn’t know how. Saying that, I do think there has been an element of doubt with everyone about how much help mum will get or that we need, and we are honestly in the same boat as there is never any clear cut answers from anyone, but, basically apart from her essential equipment e.g. a hoist and a manual wheelchair, we are pretty much on our own. I hope that puts any doubts at bay.

Their new home will need a lot of work done to it, which we aren’t even sure all of what she will need until the process starts but just for an idea of things we will be looking at:

- Ramps built at front and back of the house

- Accessible driveway

- All internal and external doorways will need widened to allow mum wheelchair access

- A wet room (when I asked the question about the help mum would receive I was told a shower chair would be provided)

- Potentially a power wheelchair - at the moment mum only has use of her left hand and the right one is very stiff with no feeling and no power in her arm. There is an application in at the moment with the powers that be but she is not automatically entitled to funding for a power wheelchair despite being unable to push herself around and certainly not able to navigate outdoors in the real world by herself. Mums independence is a priority for us!

- She will need an adapted kitchen which is adjustable to a level she can work at and also so it can return to a standard height

- Hoist tracking. She wants her home to look like a home and not a hospital with her equipment everywhere - can’t really argue with that!

- Access to her garden - mum has always been a keen gardener so access outdoors is very important and good for the soul!

This is a very new process to our family so we are unsure what is actually available but our aim is to make mums life happy and as independent as possible. She deserves the world but unfortunately we cannot do this all on our own as these types of things cost a lot of money. We don’t expect the target to cover everything but any help at all is appreciated more than you all will ever know. We have raised over £4,000 towards our £15,000 target, which is incredible!

This has been an extremely difficult time for our family as I’m sure you can imagine but to then to open up our privacy and pain to the everyone has not been the easiest thing to do but we will literally do anything for mum and our pride has definitely been left at the door. We are all juggling organising these events, family life, the kids, long hour jobs, self employment, our dads health - who was battling cancer for around 18 months but is thankfully in remission since 29th April, visiting hospitals, attending appointments, clearing and selling our family home….so life has been a little bit tough but we are all looking forward and focusing on the next few months to get mum home, settled and happy in her newly adapted life is our priority!

So if you’re still with me up until this point then thank you for reading and again, thank you for all your support, both emotional and financial!

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