Adaptions for Agnes

Anges had a rare spinal stroke at the beginning of December 2018 and she was paralysed from the neck down however after 5 months of strenuous rehabilitation and sheer determination, she has regained use of her left hand but unfortunately Agnes and her family received the devastating news at the beginning of April 2019 that she will never be able to walk again.

Agnes will need her house fully adapted and need a lot of equipment to help her live her life as fully as possible when she eventually gets out of hospital.

The family have stressed how amazing their mum has been throughout, her attitude and humble nature is getting not only herself through this life changing event, but also those close to her.

The sole purpose of this drive is to enable Anges to return from hospital to the comfort of her own adapted home and to try and ensure the best quality of life for her. To allow her to continue to create happy memories at home with her loving family and energetic young grandchildren around her.


You can follow the fundraising progress here as we move towards our goal and keep updated with events both in Glasgow and the North East and sponsorship opportunities here.

Photographs from the events themselves and regular updates on our fundraising activities will be uploaded here.

Our starting goal is a big one, £15,000!

So far we've raised £8,500 with your help towards getting Agnes home!

Get involved

If you would like to get involved in some way, show your support by donating or sharing, and to keep updated with the events please check out our Facebook page or contact us via one of the links below.

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